IELTS Speaking Band 9.0 – Advanced Answers Example

Hi, mates. Below is an IELTS speaking band 9.0 advanced answers example. I hope it’s helpful for you.

Part 1

C: I think I listen to music mostly when I’m driving. I think it puts me in such a good mood when I’m like out there on a drive and I play my favorite music. I’m usually into Afro music a lot,hip-hop and Afro and R&B, so I prefer listening to music when I’m driving or sometimes when I’m working out. I’m at the gym, something like that.

E: Let’s talk about music. How often do you listen to music?

E: Is music an important subject in schools in your country?

C: In schools in my country, it is. Because you know, um, I’m from India so in India music and dance and expressing our emotions is usually through music and dancing. So in every school they teach classical music or they have a subject where there is something about music, usually. So I think it is important.

E: Do you ever go to live concerts?

C: oh, I’ve been to three concerts, and three of them are my favourite artists. And it was actually on my wish list, and I made it happen. And uh, it was one of the best experiences. And uh,in live concerts, it’s a lot different than you would imagine, um, just have to keep your energy straight and it’s like you can’t believe it’s happening.

E: Now, let’s talk about magazines and newspapers. Do you prefer to read magazines or newspapers?

C: Definitely, magazines, mostly on the topics of fashion or Interior Design. This is what I really like because I like to see creative sides all from all over the world. I like to see what people are talking about, what’s new, what’s trending. I like to learn like I like to have knowledge of things of like, what is this called, what is that called. Cuz usually when you see pictures, you don’t usually know what it’s called. So when you read a magazine or where you get the knowledge, that’s that’s where you get to know.oh, this fabric is called this, or this decoration a is called that. So I think it’s very good on information.

E: Do you think you can learn as much from a magazine as a book?

C: Definitely not, cuz magazine is like a shorter version of what’s in a book. So I definitely prefer books over magazines.

E: Do you think that you will continue to read paper-based magazines in the future?

C: I think I’m very old-fashioned like that, I need to have a physical book in my hand, and that’s how I think it produces serotonin in my brain. Otherwise,no. Digital it’s very different. I like physically reading a magazine or a book.

E: Now, let’s talk about outdoor activities. Do you like being outdoors?

C: I love being outdoorss. I usually spend my time planning an activity or just being out with my friends. Even if I’m not doing anything, I must stay outdoors. I’m not a very home-based person. I can’t stay home much. I have to keep moving all the time.

E: Which outdoor sports do you enjoy doing.

C: I like going out with my friends and playing football or or some kind of activity like swimming, going to the beach. This is something I really really enjoy.

E: Which outdoor activities are most popular in your country?

C: Definitely, it’s like the game of India, everybody loves Cricket. When you go out of your house, you’re always going to see some kids playing , or also batminton, actually.  People enjoy that a lot as well.

Part 2


Describe your favorite actor or actress.

You should say:

  • Who the actor or actress is
  • What kind of actor or actress they are
  • What movies/programs they have starred in

And explain why they are your favourite actor or actress.

C: I’d like to describe my favorite actor and actress. So my favourite actor would be Benedict Cumberbatch, and my favourite actress is Angelina Julie. I like their movies so much. They usually star in action films or mystery films. And that’s very similar to where I am. In my personal life, I love mysterious stuff. I’m like always into like detective theories or mystery books and stuff like that. So I always watch movies as such, and their acting is on point. It’s always number one. And I like Angelina Julie also for her humanitarian work that she does throughout her life. She’s been very present with charity work and  making sure that a lot of kids are fed in countries which are unfortunate. And I really like that about her. And I also like how fierce she is. And when she presents herself, it’s very divine feminine. So I really really like that and I feel like she has that sort of energy where a woman can feel powerful about herself just by looking at her and understanding where she comes from. She doesn’t really come from a very mentally stable place. But now, at this point in her life, she’s a very like strong woman, and and she’s done it all herself. And Benedict Kash I actually watched his TV show, which was called Sherlock, and I am a crazy Sherlock fan. I love mystery, like I said, and detective stories and everything. And him playing that really showed me what kind of an incredible actor he is because I felt like I’m watching Sherlock Holmes from the books and not an actor on screen. And he’s also done a movie that I really love. It’s called Doctor Strange. That’s my favorite superhero from The Avengers, and he has just done an amazing job in that movie.

Part 3

E: What are the most popular types of movies in your country?

C: It would be action and drama. Definitely, something that has to do with emotional connection. It’s usually fictional, that I would say, and also comedy. Yeah, there’s a lot of comedy that goes on in the films that are coming out now and from India.

E: Do you think that going to the cinema will be as popular in the future?

C: uh, I think 50/50. I’m not sure about that, but it looks like people enjoy watching movies at home, and it’s not as much exciting as it used to be back then. And um, I think probably, yes, it would be more digitally available at home, and probably,yeah.

E: Now, let’s talk about the theater. How strong a tradition is it today in your country to go to the theater?

C: um, mostly I think, in out-of-city areas,actually. It’s mostly now as a as an activity that families go to with their kids just to show a play to their kids and to introduce them to this form of culture and activity. I think it’s more of that now. Theater is not as much popularized back in India as much as cinema and film and movies are. So I think that is kind of on the back seat. It’s not so much as it used to be.

E: Do you think that theater should be run as a business or as a public service?

C: I think both. I think it goes hand in hand so that people can be employed as well at the same time, and it it is of a public service at the same time. I think that people do enjoy it, but at the same time, it could be used as an as an excuse and used as an opportunity is what I mean, to employ people. Because there’s a lot of people who would love to do acting, but they can’t really make it in the movies.  So maybe they could use theater as um as their hobby. So I think both can go hand in hand.

E: In some countries, governments pay theaters to put on shows for the public. Do you think this is good use of public money?

C: It depends on if whether or not if it’s free to the public, because if you’re charging for them to see that play then it doesn’t make any sense, is what I think. And I think that it shouldn’t be this way in the first place. I think it should be available freely to the people. um yeah.

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